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worst 3rd week drops of GC-leaders

Jun 29, 2015
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i would like to know as many cases as possible of tragic GC-drops of the Leader jersey in the 3rd GTweek. Including crashs, DISQ,crisis...

to my mind come:

giro 2016 kruijswijk
vuelta 2015 dumoulin
tour 2006 pereiro
giro 2002 evans
giro 1999 pantani
tour 1998 ullrich
Only if you are Dutch :D

If you see what happened to Mollema yesterday then in cycling anything is possible

However on a serious note ...Trek lost the podium becasue they did not have the doms
If they have Contador & Mollema next year ...where are the Doms....Pantano??
But who else ??

Everyone slags off Ag2R but their Doms were quite good this Tour imo

If you want your man t do well in the Tour then he needs back up

Yates,Mollema Meintjes , Martin all riding by them selves formost of the stage ....seems its only a sin if its Contador

WhileRichie Porte has had help its not as strong as he needs ..TJ no where ,,,Caruso ok but after that ?? And this is a wealthy team

Anything happens then your Tour is ruined

Not so Froome...he has a wealth of Doms
Re: Re:

Jagartrott said:
HelloDolly said:
WhileRichie Porte has had help its not as strong as he needs ..TJ no where ,,,Caruso ok but after that ??
Caruso was with Porte until Porte decided to attack.
After his slip, Porte had three teammates towing him back to the contenders group.

And he was left by the side of the raod when he had a mechanical
Plus his support apart from Caruso yesterday not been there in the mountains
Come on ...if that was Contador we would never hear the end of it
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Red Rick said:
Jakub said:
Red Rick said:
Tempted to lock thread and do much more.

But nah


Pereiro 2006 is a nonsense, he was the other case- he got the jersey thanks to Phonak stupidity (was it Phonak?)
I'm Dutch, and I find this offensive

Joking obviously :p

Well, what happenes to Kruijswijk this Giro was one of the worst moment of cycling, Dumoulin last year was too annoying. Please tell your fellow countrymen that they must find some better magic next time to avoid such tragedy like Nibali winning, Aru winning and Astana winning!