Xenon use by athletes

Sep 25, 2009
read the article, tried to find any concrete examples of where and by how much the xenon thing resulted in the actual performance gains. none were provided, hinted at, say nothing of being referenced.

plenty of things can temporarily increase a natural epo production, yet to be considered performance enhancing they must result in measurable, sustainable hematological changes. the article provided none, yet it hyped the unvalidated speculations known for years.

a crap article from a credible science point of view with a clear political angle in the same eastern european direction the british media seems to be obsessed with.
Mar 16, 2013
avanti said:
I do not rember this topic being mentioned before.

Reportedly Russia is allowing athletes to breath a mixture of 50% Xenon and 50% oxygen which encourages the production of EPO in the body. WADA has not yet banned this practice. See http://www.economist.com/news/science-and-technology/21595890-obscure-gas-improves-athletes-performance-breathe-it for more info.
I believe smoking cigarettes does the same. So does inhaling carbon monoxide. If it's increasing EPO production you have to remember the body tends towards homeostasis, which means there is a damn good (or really bad) reason why EPO production has increased; performance or oxygen saturation has fallen below baseline.

Than Xenon increases EPO production seems like a great clue to NOT breathe it in.
Feb 26, 2014
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