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  1. R

    Question Trying to find a bike

    I've been looking at some road bikes trying to find one for me to get into cycling. I used to do a bit I guess with triathlons but went away from it and sold my old bike as it got to small and wasn't used. I've been looking at getting a decent one that won't break the bank, but a bike I'll be...
  2. Butvis

    Upgrade MTB bike somewhere around 1300 euros HELP

    Hello guys, im begginer in mountain riding. Now ive been riding bicycle like 2 years somewhere whit pauses, last year i upgraded to Scott Aspect 960 L, now this year i want to upgrade something stronger, cause i feel not comfotable with this one driving in woods etc. Myself im more aggresive...
  3. N

    Cycling Gear Riding a MTB bike with road wheels?

    Hello everyone, I am new to cycling and I seeking to buy a bike. I went and did loads of research on the internet and through bike shops. i was sorting out different alternatives I am now blocked to one issue: can i use a mtb with road wheel? the thing is i am 185cm tall and i want to buy a...
  4. E

    Hello everyone !

    Hi there, my name is elf I'm a newbie either in this forum or my journey to bike Nice to join this group! wish you all have a great day today.:D