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    2023 UCI TT Saddle position regulations

    Hi all Apologies if this is covered elsewhere or this is the wrong forum. For the new UCI regs for TT saddle position for 2023 I'm trying to understand the saddle position options. My understanding from the UCI regs is that if the saddle tip is LESS than 5cm from the bottom bracket spindle...
  2. The much needed UCI loller thread

    Let the mocking commence!
  3. Was there ever any doubt? (British Cycling's eSports National Champion caught weight doping with a bot!)

    I have to admit that I at first thought hrotha's comment in reply to Koronin was a joke because of how stupid it would be to try and turn those rides on Zwift on a stationary bike into an actual competitive UCI sanctioned cycling discipline. There's really no good way that I know of to keep...