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1500m Olymipc gold medal winner & CERA

Jul 29, 2009
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Rebellin too - not sure where i stand on this stripping business (as the actress said to the bishop) Not much consistency at all yet on which results stand- and no confidence in the riders/ runners promoted for being 'cheated' on the day
Mar 16, 2009
Lack of due process leaves the door open for cheaters

One of the worst aspects of the ongoing doping problem in sports in general and cycling in particular is the chronic inability (unwillingness?) of the various authorities to get on the same page regarding protocol and the concept of due process. The IOC has stripped Davide Rebellin of his Olympic medal, but results of his B-sample test weren't due to be reported until next month. ???? The Costa Rican weightlifter also showing a CERA A-sample positive has been 'vindicated' by a clean B-sample result. So why -- how -- does Davide Rebellin not deserve the same treatment? Don't get me wrong; if he's confirmed as a cheater, he should be stripped of his results, his bonus, and his medal. Many of you know that I regularly tick off any number of subscribers to this forum with my remarks regarding known and alleged cheats, regardless of their hero status. But due process -- some sort of uniform protocol -- is a very simple concept and would go a long way to making the various sporting authorities avoid looking like whimsical, biased politicians and begin to resemble fair-minded, consistent, reliable governing bodies.