2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge, Stage 6; Golden to Boulder,165.5 km

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Apr 19, 2011
you cannot deny that Levi made a shrewd attack there, sustained it, and now has a excellent shot at holding the overall. :)
benpounder said:
I love the stench of hate anytime Levi does well...
For the first time, I'm actually rooting for Levi Whistleblower.
Had a sneaky feeling he was going to "do" TJVG in tomorrow's ITT.
Instead, he attacks on the MTF (a big chapeau) and takes over the lead.

Really, really good stage. By far the best of the week.

The only sour note is the finish was populated by a bunch of over sized moronic chimps..........sorry, that's an insult to chimpanzees: Running retards.
If Nibali wasn't Nibali, he would have ended up inspecting tarmac.
Jun 26, 2012
Brajkovic losing 3.30. But great to see Aru finally getting a result, after previous stages were below my expectations.
Dekker_Tifosi said:
Van Garderen's climb shows similarities to Mount Baldy.
Good initailly, but fading badly towards the end.
they went too fast.actually tejay was very,very good.but they went way too fast

how fast things change in pro cycling...until today,it looked like this colorado edition will be again a huge fail.
i was wrong
the favourites group was already shredding to pieces on the penultimate climb
the final climb was really a climb(now organizers go and find others and put them as MTF)
huge amount of spectators
absolutely huge speed uphill,gotta love good old levi when he's climbing like an angel.plenty of attacks.i'd say this finish was way better than gallina earlier today.
indeed rincon remembered me of soler:(

shiit i have to rewatch this.and the organizers have to do something about the filming aspect,it's very bad done.
now i hope that the old guard,levi and klodi will smoke tejay
Jun 1, 2011
GC should have an element of team in it. Levi's been playing coy and has had no team on the front. That's what makes him so popular.

Tejay, VdV, Kloden...somebody please!
Mar 10, 2009
BillytheKid said:
Very very bad.:(:eek:
Just down the road is CU, regularly voted one of the top party school of the states.

I attended college in Golden (the start of today's stage), and I can attest that there are many stupid people in Boulder. Please note, Boulder is a very nice city, with many wonderful people and a beautiful setting. Due to it's political environment in part foisted by CU, it attracts loads of affluent, irresponsible, and yes, narcissist young punks. IMO...
CQ are up:

leader [USA] LEIPHEIMER Levi OPQ 8
1. [AUS] SUTHERLAND Rory UHC 4h06'12" 25
2. [ITA] ARU Fabio AST 20" 15
3. [GER] VOIGT Jens RNT 26" 10
4. [USA] LEIPHEIMER Levi OPQ 45" 5
5. [USA] DUGGAN Timothy LIQ 52" 3
6. [USA] VANDE VELDE Christian GRM 01'02" 0
7. [USA] DOMBROWSKI Joseph Lloyd BLS 01'02" 0
8. [GER] KLÖDEN Andreas RNT 01'02" 0
9. [ITA] NIBALI Vincenzo LIQ 01'02" 0
10. [COL] RINCON DIAZ Wilson Ramiro EPM 01'02" 0
11. [USA] VAN GARDEREN Tejay BMC 01'14" 0
12. [USA] STETINA Peter GRM 01'14" 0
13. [SLO] BRAJKOVIC Janez AST 01'22" 0
14. [DEN] FUGLSANG Jakob RNT 01'22" 0
15. [USA] BALDWIN Christopher BPC 01'28" 0
16. [ITA] CARUSO Damiano LIQ 01'28" 0
17. [USA] REIJNEN Kiel TT1 01'28" 0
18. [RUS] ROVNY Ivan RVL 01'28" 0
19. [USA] BUSCHE Matthew RNT 01'28" 0
20. [USA] HORNER Chris RNT 01'28" 0
Mar 10, 2009
Jens wins KOM!

Now that makes this race...

[my edit] And hopefully, Tyler's point jersey will reinstate confidence to take on the likes of Cavendish the rest of the year.
Jun 1, 2011
roundabout said:
To be fair, I wouldn't have known without the results, since people coming in close after Vandevelde's group were only shown from the helicopter
They only have one camera at the finish line. No space I guess. The producer can't get the finishes right all race though.