2013 Giro D'Italia, Stage 1: Napoli - Napoli, 130 km

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That's one of the best sprints of Cav ever I think; virtually no train, closing a big hole himself in the final 500m, boxed in, slows down and still comes around the longer way for the win. Hugely impressive.
Jul 29, 2012
Nice won Cav.

When the group fell apart cause of the crash you had the group cavendish with 12 guys orso.

And then a group of a few guys with Nibai and then the peloton a few sec behind.

Shows you that nibali was in front and that he was lucky he didn't get caught in the crash. The giro would be already over otherwise :(
Sep 24, 2012
Today Cav showed why he still is the best sprinter by far, with or without train. Fights, falls, teammates dropping like stones, radioshack playing dirty and the guy just hammers it.

Oh, BTW:

Thanks rai, looks like adobe flash isn't need for the giro, and that's just awesome. F*ck flash.
Jul 19, 2010
Peccio89 said:
Gear problem for Stegmans, good for him that Cav won anyway
he said they got that problem too many during the season. What's up with that? is that just the equipment problem or human error (you know pressure to bring cav to the line so there fore cause to miss shifting the gear??):p