2015 Dauphiné, stage 5: Digne-les-Bains > Pra-Loup 161km


Kelderman to gain one minute on Allos, only to bonk halfway through Pra Loup. Bardet with a monster climb catches him with only two kilometers to go and ends up 1.56 minutes ahead of the second coming of Merckx. Three seconds down on the frenchman will be an Italian.

In all seriousness, Costa.
Nibbs and Valverde should try descending Allos, gaining few seconds to Vroom neutralising somehow him. Then Valverde gains with few seconds plus bonus. Ideal scenario
Aug 31, 2012
Highly unlikely. You don't want a charging dawg behind you. It's probably better to follow the Sky train which will be going supersonic up Allos, and then, in Valverde's case, hang on to the attack at the steepest part of the final climb and sprint away close to the finish, and in Nibali's case, look to the ground as they ride away.
This is going to be the next chapter in Rodriguez v Valverde. Probably both be too busy watching each other on the final climb and will let some non-specialist climber jump clear to take the win.

Can't see Froome doing anything here. He'd have to probably attack on the penultimate climb, which isn't really his style, because he'd just get caught on the descent. The last climb is too easy to drop Valverde and Rodriguez on, especially after a 20km descent where they can fully recover.