2015 Dauphiné, stage 5: Digne-les-Bains > Pra-Loup 161km

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cellardoor said:
Velolover2 said:
Good stage. Tejay was really the strongest on that climb. Intxausti didn't wanted to cooperate, constantly sitting on Tejay's wheel. He could have gained time on Froome too.
Intxausti was hanging on for dear life. I don't think he could cooperate.
It could be true, but we have to remember that Giro stage where it looked like he was struggling and not taking turns but managed to win it.

red_flanders said:
Just watched the whole thing on YouTube. I have to say, that descent by Bardet was one of the more enjoyable bits of cycling I've seen in a long time. Skill rules. And really enjoyed the commentators watching him, Kirby was just laughing about how fast he was taking it, really enjoying watching as well. I know that guy gets a hard time on this board but that was fun to listen to as well. Great stuff from Bardet.
People have to lighten up. Sure Kirby makes mistakes but he obviously loves the sport and that's not a bad thing for a commentator and he appreciates the efforts of the riders as yesterday's stage showed.