2015 Tour des Fjords 27-31/05 (2.1)

May 19, 2010
The 3rd edition of Tour des Fjords starts in Bergen tomorrow.

Katusha won in 2013 (Chernetskiy) and in 2014 (Kristoff).

Weather forecast: Wet and cold, the only time they will be out of the rain for any length of time will probably be when they go through the sub sea tunnel from Stord on stage 3.

The 2 first stages are in the same area as the two first stages last year, but Ulvik muncipality wouldn't fork out the 150.000 NOK to have the start on the second stage, so the finish on the first stage is in Norheimsund, and the start on the next stage is in Jondal, on the other side of the Hardangerfjord. From Jondal they will ride around the Folgefonn peninsula to Odda, with the first 40 km of roads being quite rustic (or "National tourist road" according to the road authority). When asked to name the queen stage the organizer pointed to the second stage, a stage they also thinks will finish in a bunch sprint...

The 3rd stage starts on the island of Stord with finish in Sauda. The only way to get from Stord to Sauda by road is to go through a 8 km sub sea tunnel.

The 2 last stages are in the Stavanger/Sandnes area.

Stage 1 (26 May): Bergen - Norheimsund (174,3 km)
"Like last year, the first stage starts at Bryggen in Bergen. The course will take the riders via Fana and the Fana-mountain to Os and further on to Samnanger. From here they will head towards Eikelandsosen and Mundheim before reaching the Hardangerfjord. The peloton will follow the fjord through Omastrand, Strandebarm and Tørvikbygd. The peloton crosses the finish line in Norheimsund and heads out for two final laps over Sjusete, down to Øystese and around Børveneset and back to the centre of Norheimsund."

Stage 2 (27 May): Jondal - Haugesund (205 km)
"The start of stage 2 has been moved from Ulvik to Jondal. The stage goes to Odda via Utne and continues along the Åkrafjord towards the finish in Haugesund. After reaching Odda the riders will meet some minor climbs, but most likely the winner will be decided in a bunch sprint when the peloton hits Haugesund and the final metres at the Town Square."

Stage 3 (28 May): Stord - Sauda (166 km)
"Stage 3 goes from Leirvik to Sauda via Haugesund. From the start at Leirvik, the peloton will ride through the Bømlofjord tunnel 264 meter below sea level, which should be the “deepest” point for any UCI race ever. The course then takes the riders through Sveio once again heading for Haugesund, the hometown of U23 World Champion, Sven Erik Bystrøm. The course continues through Skjoldastraumen, Vats, Sandeid, Vikedal, Ropeid before the finish in Sauda."

Stage 4 (29 May): Stavanger - Sandnes (178 km)
"The stage starts in the centre of Stavanger and heads south via Sandnes, Orstad, Bryne, Nærbø, Varhaug and Undheim. It continues via Ålgård and the amusement part Kongeparken. Then over Madland via Oltedal with the well-known climb up Seldalsbakken, further on to Høle and Bersagel, down towards Hommersåk and Li to Vatne-krossen and then four laps around Hana and Vågen in Sandnes where the finish line is placed at Havnegata."

Stage 5 (30 May): Hinna Park - Stavanger (186 km)
"The riders will start with a lap round Sandnes, Høle and up Søredalen Hommeland. Then they’ll continue via Sviland and Bråstein, Figgjo and Åslandsbakken where the peloton starts on a bigger lap around Kverneland, Bryne and Orre. The part along Nordsjøveien via Revtangen may be difficult if it gets windy. Generally, the wind may be a decisive factor when the riders ride along the coastline and the beaches of Jæren.

The course continues via Hellestø, Ølberg and the Sola beach towards Tananger and Randaberg, where the peloton will ride along Byfjorden to Stavanger. Here await two final laps including the steep hill Sørmarkbakken with up to 17 %."

Race web site: http://www.tourdesfjords.no/?lang=en_GB
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TourDesFjords
Apr 5, 2015

Bushman said:

Wow, 4 Danes in the top 10. Valgren 5th in a bunch sprint is a bit surprising. Maybe he can do something tomorrow?

Søren Kragh in 6th is having a great season so far. Really good talent.
The bunch counted only 23 riders in the end, but still a great ride by the danes i agree.
There really wasn`t a proper sprint imo. Haller being the lead-out man for Kristoff finishing 2nd an indication, and Kristoff must have won by almost 10 meters.
Søren Kragh Andersen looks like a proper rider and must surely have offers from World tour teams.
Jun 24, 2013

Jagartrott said:
Obvious De Greef top-20 is obvious.
Not really his parcours but he did do it in Tour of Norway. Wanty should enter him in all kinds of races so he can always get a top 20-30, TTT, zesdaagses, mtb races, ...
johnymax said:
Another bunch sprint today or is the finale difficult enough to create some gaps at the top?
Could be hard enough considering the tough racing so far. Katusha should almost be out of domestiques by now after first pulling back a big break with EBH and now working hard to bring back another strong 5 rider break Valgren & Cort Nielsen.

LaFlorecita said:
Valgren in the break... on one hand, good, on the other hand I hope he doesn't ruin his GC chances ;)
He's taken 6 bonus seconds which he'll need if he wants to win GC. I also doubt anyone will be able to drop him even if the break is caught before the climbs.
Hmm... These two Norwegian races have had a pretty similar set-up so far:
First Kristoff wins the two first stages, then a young Dane from Tinkoff takes over on the third stage. Yes! I know it's not 100% certain that Valgren is gonna win but I can still dream.

RedheadDane said:
Hmm... These two Norwegian races have had a pretty similar set-up so far:
First Kristoff wins the two first stages, then a young Dane from Tinkoff takes over on the third stage. Yes! I know it's not 100% certain that Valgren is gonna win but I can still dream.
No its Guess who! Kristiff
Apr 2, 2014
Is there any chance that anyone else will win another stage in this or is it going to be Kristoff every stage?