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2016, 70th Tour de Romandie, April 26th - May 1st, WT

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Mar 14, 2016
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Spectacular fail by the other riders in the breakaway, Albasini did almost all the work, burned lots of matches catching that BMC rider, led out the sprint, and even then they had no chance of beating him.

Hugo Koblet said:
LOL epic finale. Albasini brutally strong.

Yeah, every time he took a turn the whole group fell apart, he has been immensely strong for a while now. He really deserved this win.

Big thanks to the camera guy in the heli as he zoomed in enough to make this finale really exciting :D
LaFlorecita said:
Tonton said:
Thibaut leaves the TdR with a ton of confidence. After all, he did as good as Contador vs. Quintana...
? I realize you mean in Catalunya but Contador annihilated Quintana uphill in Pais Vasco. It's not really the same story as Pinot, is it?
I wasn't trying to bait, Flo, and I should have known that you'd react :p . I'm not saying that Thibaut is in the same league as Berto, but let's agree that the gap isn't that big. Less than it was last year. In Romandie, Pinot proved that he's really at the top of the food chain, not just a TJVG, a Bardet, or a Dumoulin. Every bit as good as Aru, which has been my point for quite some time. Great for him: he's a great kid. So maybe I'm getting a little bit carried away (which Contador fans can identify with :D ), but truth be told, Tibopino has matured. Not DNF at the TdF when posters on websites and tweeter called him a loser, fellow French threw him under the bus, Thibaut hung on, won, and carried it through the fall, now the spring. I'm super happy right now.