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2016 TdF, Stage 14: Montélimar → Villars-les-Dombes (209km)

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Re: 2016 TdF, Stage 14: Montélimar → Villars-les-Dombes (209

Zinoviev Letter said:
phil-i-am said:
Praying Mantis said:
happytramp said:
Lads forget this..... The tour of Poland is actually pretty good today.
Yap, rainy gritty stuff. Don't quite understand the Polaks though. Laughed out loud yesterday when Gilbert attacked and they called him Philippa Gilberta.

Polish language is really complicated :razz: .

Who? Phillipe Gilbert
Whom? Phillipe'a Gillbert'a
To whom? Phillipe'owi Gillbert'owi
With who? Phillipe'em Gilbert'em
About who? Phillipe'ie Gillbert'cie

You have to be making this up.
And here we have two more.