2016 Tour of Norway - 2HC - 18.05/22.05

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Impressed by Enger, hanging with that select group and taking 2nd.
He didn't just hang on, he was pulling up the majority of the climb.

Enger certainly has improved a lot over the past few months, will be interesting to see how he'll perform in bigger races later this season.
What type of rider is he? Every time I've noticed him this season it's because of his climbing, but I thought he is(/was?) a sprinter?
His results so far have mostly been in sprints, so I'm not sure where you've noticed his climbing. He's predominantly a sprinter, but goes well on hills, and is excellent at uphill sprints. He won the sprint for 3rd at the Firenze U23 Worlds, ahead of Ewan, but was a few places behind the Australian in Ponferrada. A more talented Lobato, perhaps. I thought today's climb was a bit too long for him though, but he did great.
I'm sure he was very active on the big mountain stage of the Tour of Croatia.
Indeed, he was in the initial breakaway, was caught by the peloton and then attacked solo again half-way up the final climb to eventually finish 23rd.

At the moment he's a bit like a poor man's Sagan, both in terms of abilities on and off the bike.

However, unlike Sagan, he's been incredibly inconsistent since becoming a pro. Much of it has been due to recurring illness, but he also admitted earlier in the season that he had to start working harder. He's well known to not have the healthiest diet, for example...

GenericBoonenFan said:
Is he ok?
He seemed fine, but he went straight into the car afterwards, so he's DNF.

Anyway, looks like the breakaway will make it today. 3 minutes with 11 kilometers to go. They'd have to crack completely up the final climb in order to be caught.
No clue of what happened to Ciolek. We did not really see it live.

Impressive ride from Pedersen ! EBH is so disappointing here with "second range" riders around. Still waiting for him in the following days but he seems to be in a bad shape. Too bad since the course suited him pretty well.
Yikes, dog-crash.
Far as I could see, nobody was badly hurt.
(Hope that goes for the dog as well.)

And meanwhile it looks like Bystrøm has attacked from the peloton. Medium sized group ahead.
(My live-updating is terrible.)
Jul 2, 2015
EBH wins stage 4. 2nd Holst Enger, 3rd Paul Martens.

EBH better today. Guess he is riding his way into shape after a break after P-R.