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2017 Predictions

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Feb 17, 2017
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Red Rick said:
Giro: Dumoulin
Tour: Contador
Vuelta Nibali

SB: Felling
MSR: Cavendish
RVV: Terpstra
Roubaix: Sagan
Liege: Alaphilippe
Words: Groenewegen
Lombardia: Nibali

Objective as ****

Haha maybe but Dumoulin will surprise (shock) a few pure climbers in the Giro and Contador and Nibali in peak form are genuine contenders anyway :)
I am quite fascinated by "wisdom of the crowd" so I decided to make the table or current answers and started the cycling news forum league. One point per each correct answer. In October we know the winner.

So far we have 24 contestants, so feel free to join before the SB race will be finished.

GIRO 1. Quintana 16
GIRO 2. Nibali 9
GIRO 3. Aru 4
TDF 1. Froome 19
TDF 2. Porte 7
TDF 3. Porte 5
Vuelta 1. Froome 14
Vuelta 2. Froome 8
Vuelta 3. Valverde 10
Strade Sagan 8
Sanremo Gaviria 11
Flanders Sagan 15
Roubaix Boonen 7
Liège Alaphilippe 9
Lombardia Rosa 11
Worlds Sagan 10
Interesting that the consensus is a 'smaller' name like Rosa will win a monument, but not surprising considering his ride last year.

Its also funny that we even have to include Strade. Yes, the timing is perfect, but it just goes to show how big of a race that is for cycling fans nowadays.
Giro: 1. Quintana, 2. Landa, 3. Aru/Nibali
Tour: 1. Froome, 2. Porte 3. Contador/Quintana
Vuelta: 1. Aru , 2. Froome 3. Domoulin

Strade: GvA
San Remo: Cavendish
Flanders: Sagan
Roubaix: Vanmarke/ Stannard
Liege: Valverde
Worlds: Rowe
Lombardia: Chaves/ Rosa
Re: Re:

kingjr said:
LaFlorecita said:
I can't believe so few people think Berto won't even podium a GT
I can't either. I see only Froome capable of beating him, if he doesn't crash and stays healthy.
Woops, I meant so *many*, of course. Seems you understood me anyway :) I agree, Froome can normally be expected to beat him, but Porte, Chaves, Bardet, a tired Quintana should all be beatable if he doesn't suffer misfortune and is in shape.

LaFlorecita said:
I can't believe so many people think Berto won't even podium a GT

He i s actually tied with Porte for third in TDF.

Just for the fun. GT podiums.

Froome 0 23 22 45
Quintana 22 13 0 35
Nibali 15 0 9 24
Valverde 0 1 18 19
Aru 5 0 7 12
Porte 0 12 0 12
Contador 0 8 3 11
Chavez 0 5 6 11
Landa 10 0 0 10
Kruijswijk 8 0 0 8
Dumoulin 5 0 1 6
Bardet 0 3 2 5
Pinot 2 0 0 2
Thomas 1 1 0 2
Poels 0 2 0 2
Yates 0 0 2 2
Zakarin 2 0 0 2
Lopez 0 1 0 1
Strade: 1. Sagan 2. Van Avermaet 3. Felline
Sanremo: 1. Gaviria 2. Sagan 3. Degenkolb
Flanders: 1. Van Avermaet 2.Sagan 3. Stybar
Roubaix: 1. Degenkolb 2. Sagan 3. Boonen
Liege: 1. Alaphilippe 2. Valverde 3.Costa
Worlds: 1.Sagan 2.Gaviria 3. Kristoff
Lombardia: 1. Rosa 2.Bardet 3.Nibali

Giro: 1. Quintana 2. Nibali 3. Kruiswijk
Tour: 1. Froome 2. Quintana 3. Contador
Vuelta: 1.Froome 2.Contador 3.Nibali

P-N: Porte
T-A: Quintana
Catalunya: Quintana/Porte/Contador (have no idea between those 3 about who will win)
Pais Vasco: Contador
Romandie: Froome/Pinot
Dauphine: Froome
Suisse: Lopez
Volta a Portugal:Veloso

E3: Sagan
Gent Wevelgem: Sagan
Amstel Gold: Kwiatkowski
Fleche Wallonne :Henao

Though my wishes would be
Sanremo: Gaviria
Flanders: Van Avermaet
Roubaix: Boonen
Liege: Nibali
Giro: Nibali
Tour: Contador
Vuelta: Contador
Worlds: Kristoff
Lombardia: Rosa/Bardet
Oh, and Volta a Portugal: Vinhas, Sousa or Antunes

Made some changes in my post.
SKSemtex said:
Waw 14/27 think Froome is capable of doing double this year.
The only reason I think he can do it is because his rivals who'll be more rested (coming from the Giro) will lose a lot to him in the long flat ITT.
But actually I am not sure he will win, I'd rate it like 25% chance for Froome and 75% for everyone else, so Froome is still the biggest fave :p
SKSemtex said:
Waw 14/27 think Froome is capable of doing double this year.

Well this is the year to do it. Froome is the man to beat in July - His strongest (potentially) competitor is riding the Giro first. Check Quintana off. AC would have to pull off the performance of a lifetime. The Tour is pretty much settled. Quintana won't be riding the Vuelta. I guess Nibali and Aru will be his biggest challengers....it's possible he could beat them.
Aug 16, 2013
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Netserk said:
Giro: Landa
Tour: Contador
Vuelta Valverde

MSR: Sagan
RVV: Sagan
Roubaix: Boonen
Liege: Costa
Worlds: Sagan
Lombardia: Nibali

That's almost my list!

You're actually becoming an expert :p