2019 Vuelta a Burgos (13 -17 Aug)

Vuelta a Burgos is on. Livestream on the web site:

Since the intorduction of Picón Blanco, the stage to Lagunas de Neila has been softened to the point that this must be the only race whose climbs are either cat3 or HC :D

Stage 1: Burgos (Catedral) – Burgos (Mirador del Castillo). 162km

Stage 2: Gumiel de Izán – Lerma. 155km

Stage 3: Sargentes de La Lora – Picón Blanco (Espinosa de los Monteros). 150km

Stage 4: Atapuerca – Ciudad Romana de Clunia. 174km

Stage 5: Santo Domingo de Silos – Lagunas de Neila. 146km
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Not really worried about Carapaz at all, as luckyboy noted its his first race back and he is the type of guy who just get better and better throughout a race. He will be better at Neila for sure. Think this was in line with what I expected, even though it looks a big ugly at paper, but that was probably due to him answering all those attacks in the middle of the climb. Had he ridden it differently he obviously would have gotten a better result.
Pedrero was extremely strong today, but thats moost likely because he isnt doing La Vuelta. Looking at this schedule he did Sud and some racing in July as well after the Giro, so he is operating at 100% atm and most likely isnt selected. Valls crashed so he wont be there either, and Betancur is Betancur, so there should be room for Sepulveda who did well today.
You really don't think they will select Pedrero? I would be quite surprised if they don't.
Just think its a bit weird if they indeed planned to select him that he would ride those races between the Giro and the Vuelta, but of course, he has just proven himself to be so valuable that it might be hard not to. Especially now that Valls had that horrible crash and Betancur still cant climb properly (I think those two were pencilled in for the Vuelta originally).