Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro Rosa - 2nd to 11th July

While this race is not a WT race this year - because of the whole "lack of coverage" failure last year - it's still a big race, and this year there will be coverage! However, only the last around 15 Ks...

Some of the biggest names are all Dutch: Van Der Breggen, Van Den Broek-Blaak, and Vos, but lots of other interesting names as well.

(Prelimiary) starlist here:

Startlist for Giro d'Italia Internazionale Femminile 2021 (
Stage 1: Fossano - Cuneo, 26.7 KM (is this a TTT?)

Yes it is, and I doubt LS likes it very much. It's the longest TTT they've used so far in the race, so let's hope none of the GC favourites end up losing too much time.

15 km of coverage is a shame for such an important race.
But at least it's something, and it should get better next year when it becomes a WT race again.
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The length of the TTT is a particular issue because this edition of the Giro Rosa is less mountainous than the last 3 or 4 editions, hence it will be hard to make up time for losses in the TTT - What it may do is allow for more successes in breakaways.
Unfortunately, as TTTs require less time spent on closures than ITTs, they're more prevalent than the latter on the women's calendar, and in recent years the Giro has developed a formula with a TTT opening and the only ITT being an MTT, which I'm not really keen on. There are two standalone TTTs on the calendar and hardly any stage races with ITTs above prologue kind of length, frustratingly. It's especially frustrating when you have the problem of the top talents being funnelled into a small number of teams, and then you give those teams a headstart above that which they already have.

Also have to question VDBB, Anna VDB, Demi and Elena not wearing their masks...