Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro Rosa - 2nd to 11th July

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Naked eye timings:

1 Anna VDB
2 Moolman-Pasio +1'22
3 Vollering +1'51/2
4 Cavalli +st
5 Magnaldi +2'30
6 Realini +2'36
7 Mavi García +3'00
8 Spratt +3'05
9 Guderzo +3'27
10 Labous +st
11 Deignan +st
12 Merino +st
13 Koppenburg +around 3'55?
14 Fisher-Black +4'08
15 Muzic +4'09
16 Rooijakkers +4'33

Cille and Aalerud at just inside 6 minutes.

Gaia Realini is 20 years old, she's on a very small team which will hurt her for the maglia bianca, but top 10 in the GP Chambéry and that's the only real race we can use as a guide to what she can do on bigger climbs as she has hardly done any UCI racing in hilly races.
Lippert in a group around 7:30 back with Hanna Nilsson. Maglia rosa along with Mikayla Harvey (!!!) at 9 minutes.

It looks like Deignan might have to become Trek's GC hand, she's never really tried in the Giro from that perspective and that 15th after a stint in the maglia rosa all the way back in 2009 is still her best performance; normally this is the one time a year that she subordinates her own aims for teammates, but it looks like that might be the team's only choice this year. And with SD Worx laying such a smack down on everybody else, it's a real shame that Trek aren't able to really provide too much of a threat in the climbs this year as it seems like SD Worx ought to be able to control this from here.
My biggest problem on that front was thinking that ELB had got over her one-bad-day-in-the-mountains syndrome that always waylaid her GC bids until about 2017. Also Cille will have to go some to win me some points for her GPM exploits now. I nearly said Anna would win the GPM too and now I'm regretting not doing that.

Also the big gaps are probably helped by this being a complete cold open, with no Bira, Trentino nor Ardêche as form guides for the climbers. Not all of them have run consistently or at that time of year but there's usually been a couple of significant hilly/mountainous races in the last couple of months to work from, realistically the last chance we had as a guide was Burgos. Plus of course, no van Vleuten and no Niewiadoma removes two of the top climbers in the bunch to judge against, and Cille crashing yesterday could have affected today for her - don't think she'd have been up there Anna, but could have been interesting if it was 2 FDJ chasers and 2 SD Worx riders in the inseguitrici group.
That looked like an impressive solo by AvdBr. It's such a shame this isn't on television. The Belgian classics get proper attention nowadays, but the Giro is the biggest stage race and it's still hard to find moving images of it.
The biggest problem is that the classics are organised directly by Flanders Classics, and the close relationship between Lappartient and ASO has managed to persuade them to finally start doing their bit (I still think the Saudis paying for the Dakar Rally is more important to this as that had been making big losses, making ASO conservative about adding new expenses to their cycling portfolio rather than just focusing on profiting off the Tour), whereas the Giro's organisers are a privateer group with certain trademarks under licence from RCS, so they don't have the same pull or influence outside of the world of cycling that RCS themselves would have.
Today looks like a very Vossy day. Quite a few punchy climbs that Jumbo will want to use to try to thin the group out, somebody like Norsgaard will have to work to get over these but the flatter run-in will suit her if she can. Others that could be contenders are the types like Arlenis Sierra I would say.
Too easy for Vos. Brand should have attacked before the finish instead. I understand if Chabbey wanted to just take time for the GC, but brand had nothing to gain.

I don't know why the heck Canyon are riding the sprint now.
For some reason they've put up the new GC but not the stage result. Chabbey is up to 4th, 2:36 behind AvdB. Looks like Spratt and Labous gained 5s on the rest of the top 10.
For some reason they've put up the new GC but not the stage result. Chabbey is up to 4th, 2:36 behind AvdB. Looks like Spratt and Labous gained 5s on the rest of the top 10.
There was a 5 second split in the finale where Spratt, Labous, Muzic and Moolman-Pasio all made the first group. Gaia Realini, who finished sixth yesterday, lost an additional 15 seconds.