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LA fleche wallone thread

It's la fleche wallone on Wednesday and please discuss your favorites and thoughts for the race. Thank. Roglic the coward he skip the race a shame, give your thoughts as to who will win @devil elbow can you add profiles please .
I'll be the author of the thread but I'll get devil's elbow to do the grinding work.
I suppose if you had a secretary, you'd get her to write a book and put your name on it.
@devil elbow can you add profiles please .
Here you go:



Why did they make this race (even) easier?

Gonna be a big group going to last Mur, positioning will be even harder and more important. A mass crash in the last descent towards the Mur taking out some of the few favorites left would be typical for this season.

Because Netserk has been pleading them to remove the Cherave climb for whatever reason.
I don't know the names of any of those climbs, but the route on the 2005-2008 editions had some climbs that passed through some very nice landscapes. The end result will be the same so please return to that route instead of this Huy circuit.
This Amstel doesn't say anything about Wednesday or next Sunday. Way to specific race that was super tactical too.

And Fleche is (even more than previous years) just a bunch sprint on the Mur, super specific effort too.

We might get a rainy edition tho.
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