2021 Trentino European Championships 8-12 September

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Jesus its a forum where people express opinions
Just cos you dont like the opinions you start attacking people ..very mature and very refreshing

Everyone could see when Cobrelli was sitting on Evenepol that the race was only going to end in one way
and he could have done many things . One being forcing Sonny to ride by not sitting on the front and played with letting the others back. He may not have won but he was never going to win the way he rode

I have nothing against Evenepol and he is good for racing but with fans like you it makes it hard to support him
Once Colbrelli was able to hang on up the final climb, I think Colbrelli was going to win no matter what—including if Remco refused to work and the chasers caught them. Colbrelli still would have one-/the only exception being if the group keep back together and Trentin attacked and went away, since Colbrelli would not chase him.
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I see Remco's actions as all in the game yo
He is passionate, he is young and he wanted to win...nothing wrong with that. The gesture was crude but understandable

But wining is not (as has been said) always about being the strongest
If he wants to win big in the future and he certainly has the talent ...he will need to calm down and engage his brain
I think alot has to do with how it has come too easily for him up to now ..he didn't have to think in the junior ranks ..just rode off
But he has to now and he also has to be prepared to lose in order to win big
I dont think people have been offended that have commented on the gesture, more than that it looks bad and that he shouldnt be doing that. Not making excusing for it. It is just unsportsmanlike.

It is not the biggest thing in the world but still says a lot about the person. He is young and has time to grow, but it is not the first time either he showcase a bit of arrogance. He should be learning. If that is who he is, then he wont have many friends in the peloton.

I think everyone thinks and agrees that he is a talented and an exciting rider to watch who is not afraid to attack and ride aggressive. He has a bright future ahead of him. I think he is mainly his own worst enemy.
Remco is super talented, but seeing things like that is really disgusting. He shows this behaviour time and time again too. Take your soccer attitude elsewhere please.
What are you whining? Thank god we have hot heads like Remco and Superman. Wouldn't it be boring if everyone was always nice like Roglic for example? Don't get me wrong I am his fan and this is just his personality but cmon. We all love some harmless drama, don't we?
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At the end of the day Evenepoel is a 21-year-old kid who is still maturing and has gone through a lot the past year. Even having said that, I don't think that we ought to make a habit out of judging someone in a brief moment of high-running emotions. He was the strongest rider in the race and no matter what he tried he couldn't shake Colbrelli all the while the latter did little to no work. I'm not saying Colbrelli didn't deserve the win, cause he did at the end of the day, but anyone of us in Remco's shoes today would have had at least one moment of pure frustration both during and after the race. Even if only with himself.

You're tired as hell, highly emotional after having lost the gold medal while being the strongest rider, and not happy with how things played out. Give the kid some room to "walk it off", get back to his senses, and if he still goes on a tirade in his post-race comments then we can start questioning his character.

It's like we expect perfection from imperfect beings. Especially professional athletes who sacrifice so much for their respective sports, have long build-ups towards their goals, struggle with injuries only to come up short in the end. All the while under the public/media microscope. Give the kid a break.
We need different personalities in this sport. Otherwise it would just be dull. Colbrelli likely could have pulled a bit but he knew that if he stays behind Evenepoel then Evenepoel will lose energy two fold. Working in front and by getting frustrated.

If Evenepoel wanted to win then he would need to drop Colbrelli on that last climb section. He was very close. As he could not Colbrelli won fair and square.
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He's in jail on three counts of rape. Before that he was Man City's fifth best left back. Not sure what Red Rick's point was.
I got the point, i.e. there are 'limits' when turning a blind eye on the character of sportsmen.

Granted, there's a world of difference between Mendy & Evenepoel (obviously), but it's still a bad look to make an offensive gesture after losing. For example imagine what Evenpoel would have done to Colbrelli if he'd been in the same position as Primoz Roglic in the Tour de France this year? (After Colbrelli sent Roglic into the ditch & ruined his Tour). That's the sort of scenario in which Evenepoel will need to "contain himself" for his own good.

Yeah for us mere spectators it could be funny to watch the guy blow a fuse, but I assume even his fans know that won't do him any good (because it makes rivals aware of the fact he's quick to anger).
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