2021 World Championships in Flanders: Road Races

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Surely, that wouldn't fit very well with her - rather naïve - hope that he'll be voted the new World Champion, while they race about who'll be the new German Kansler... or something like that.
If he wins the vote, he doesn't actually have to ride the race.

Trentin and Ballerini dnf, not looking too good for Italy atm.
In a sprint I'd have more faith in Ballarini beatin Van Aert than Nizzolo or Colbrelli.
The Italians should probably try to convince Benedetti to switch allegiance again.
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I don't really get what the Belgians are doing. Keeping the tempo high to avoid attacks? But what if they are all used up and Wout has to chase everything on his own again? Commentators here were asking whether he would attack himself from afar, but I can't believe that.
They have enough manpower to cover the attacks and I don't expect too many of them from now on, everyone is already tired.