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2022 Tour of Scandinavia - Battle of the North, WWT, August 9th to 14th

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So, as I was saying yesterday, this race has come on leaps and bounds and is probably the best race of the entire year.

(I also really like Lippert and she is overdue a big win, but would have been greatly upset had she taken this one). And given Lippert is a great puncheuse, had they had the Halden Fortress circuit instead of the city centre circuit tomorrow, it would have been set up brilliantly for the finish from a racing perspective)

It's also not a great climbing field so Cille was the logical favourite once Vollering DNSed (and probably before given the effects of yesterday's crash, though Demi did win the Lagunas de Neila MTF after being eliminated from contention in the Vuelta a Burgos similarly, albeit with a day or two in between) and in a deeper field it may have been different, but you can only beat who's in front of you - Cecilie was 5th in Burgos, 6th in the Giro and 7th in the Tour, but with the withdrawals of Vollering (3rd in Burgos, 2nd in Le Tour) and Fisher-Black (5th in the Giro) literally everybody who beat her in those mountainous stage races was absent today.
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Worked quite well last time a big race started in Denmark, without visiting Århus.
Looks like it'll working quite well this time a big race started in Denmark, without visiting Århus.
But, yeah... let's get the Vuelta start - and a bit earlier than 2032 - and have it be in Århus. :D

I think the city circuit in Aros could potentially work well in a women's race, so if the ToSc gets another Danish stage, I'd like to see it there.