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2024 Tirreno - Adriatico, March 4-10

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Race has got to be in the bag for Froome, right? Coming from altitude in Rwanda having gotten the hard miles in, against Vingegaard who couldn‘t really train because he was on the phone with his wife too much. I hope Chris knows that he has to peak for the Tour and not scare the ASO with impossibly high (placement) numbers in advance so he and G Thomas can guide Cav to number 35.
To be honest Paris Nice has always been the superior race, with the exception of a few recent additions of Tirreno which were great. And to be fair this route is still better than those really *** years where the TTT was all that decided the race, like 2018
I think it's not helped by a constant identity crisis. Started out as a race for classics riders to prepare for Milano Sanremo, then became hillier but people like Pozzato and Cancellara also won, then about 15 years ago they decided to become the Italian Dauphine, and stuck in one or two big mountain stages a year.

I think since that decision they've struggled to consistently find a balance, and with some exceptions (2013, 2021) it's often slightly flopped. In the early part of the 2010s it ended up overtaking Paris Nice in attracting more of the very best GC riders, now it doesn't, really.

I think it's time for a bit of a re-think from RCS. IMO, it should be working to serve Milano Sanremo and Strade Bianche rather than the Giro. However, I also recognise that GC riders probably bring in more attention and cash, so it might keep being like this.
While I don't like when the weather influence TT results in this case it could make the race a bit more interesting if Vingegaard loses time today against Ayuso and Martinez.

For the stage win today, I think it will be between Ganna and Sheffield that beat his teammate in the Algarve TT.

It would seem the new helmets have arrived, because what the **** is this
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