32ème édition du Tour de l'Ain (2.1) // August 7th - 9th 2020

All new improved, and more exciting than Tour de Pologne!

INTERESTING CONTENDERS (SO FAR AND SAVE CANCELLATIONS): Yes, yes yes, Bernal is riding. Yes, Roglic too. And Quintana, Froome and Thomas, Aru, Dumoulin, Oomen, Mollema, G Bennett, Kruijswijk, French Martin and Irish Martin as well... But seriously, who gives a flying ***? Even if you are bothering to read this, you 'll have to agree that races like this generally mean nothing when it comes to those guys. Some will bother to stretch their legs, others will play hide and seek, or they'll have vastly different goals, meaning the race will serve as a different preperation for many. No, what makes this race interesting this year, is that there is a BUNCH of young and humongous talent on the startlist. Tour de l'Avenir has been cancelled, the U23 that are already pro, or those that just "graduated" from the U23 will take Tour de l'Ain to show us what they're made of. They can't go to the TDF. They won't go to the Giro. Chances to show themselves, to test themselves are scarce with COVID-19 on the prowl. Look at the REAL gems on the startlist: Arensman, Bagioli, Van Wilder, Almeida, Vansevenant, Vermaerke, Quinn, Champoussin, Vanhoucke, Hailemichael, Ries, Hanninen, Bjerg, Bissegger... it's a schmorgasboard!


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Stages 2 and 3 would be better the other way around (could be some great racing over Menthières and in the run-in if people aren't concerned about tiring themselves out for Grand Colombier) but in a race that lasts just 3 days that's a minor concern. A lot of courses have felt the pinch with the shortened editions and revised routes, so this one is a bit of a breath of fresh air, actually!
Yeah, sorry Logic. I don't care too much about the young guys either. It's all about Ineos v Jumbo v Nairo.

I'm really curious to see how Dumo looks. I think Froome's raced more than he has in the last year or so.
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I think Jumbo’s train will do its job a little better in this race because of who they have. Bernal won’t be dropped. It’ll come down to Bernal, Roglic, and Quintana IMO. From there it’ll become a battle between Quintana and Bernal. In my head it’s gonna be awesome.
Who of the youngsters do you think will do best?
Personally, I'm not so sure about Bjerg; unlike what his name might suggest, he's not actually a climber.
Bjerg will not be in the conversation. My guess would be, excluding Bernal and including Vanhoucke (he's only 5 months younger):
Almeida/Vanhoucke>Van Wilder>Arensman/Champoussin/Bagioli>Ries/Hailemichael/Vansevenant

But i don't know where the Americans fit in. And Vanhoucke seemed to be very good in February and over his physical problems of the past years. Van Wilder was peaking for Tour de l'Avenir so i expect him to boss it here. Normally Bissegger shouldn't be in the conversation either since he isn't a true climber, but he's a great allrounder who could finish among the best of this lot as well.
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