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4 Jours de Dunkerque 2017 (2.HC), 09. - 14.05.


Stage 1: Dunkerque > Iwuy (197.1 km)

Mons en Pévèle 1 km / 95,7k
Pavés de Bersée 1,4 km / 91,6k
Thun-l'Évêque 1,7 km / 36,8k
Thun-l'Évêque 1,7 km / 13,2k

Stage 2: Saint-Quentin > Saint-Quentin (171.6 km)

Stage 3: Beauvais > Amiens (152.5 km)

Stage 4: Marck en Calaisis > Le Portel (167 km)

Côte de Herquelingue 1,5k @ 5,5% (67,4k)
Saint Etienne au Mont 1k @ 9,2% (54,2k)
Saint Etienne au Mont 1k @ 9,2% (39,0k)
Saint Etienne au Mont 1k @ 9,2% (23,8k)
Saint Etienne au Mont 1k @ 9,2% (8,6k)

Stage 5: Boeschepe > Cassel (184.8 km)

8 rounds on the well know Cassel-Circuit

Stage 6: Coudekerque-Branche > Dunkerque (159.8 km)

Eurosport 2 and Corsaire TV Show the race every day for about 90 minutes.

Startlist -> http://www.4joursdedunkerque.org/dl/2017/Engages-2017.pdf

Libertine Seguros said:
This is often one of the finest small stage races around. Mont Cassel is always fun, but the Le Portel stage looks great too.

I agree. With all the small climbs, it's impossible to control. I'm away at the weekend, but I'll try and catch the Le Portel stage on Friday
Apr 15, 2013
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Yep, you can see the track style, a bit like Gaviria at Paris Tours (well no actually completely different, but you see what I meant).