40th Giro del Trentino 19.04 - 22.04

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Vasilis said:
Irondan said:
Carols said:
Irondan said:
HelloDolly said:
Who is that comms guy (English speaking) ...makes me feel depresses
It's not Carlton Kirby...

Feel better now? :p
Someone has an English stream? Please share :)
Haha, I shared the same, except that it can't go fullscreen for me on cyclinghub

goto Youtube from Cyclinghub screen and then go full screen

luckyboy said:
Why would he attack now? It's not mountainous to the finish, just a few small hills. If he goes maybe it will be on the final hill 6km from Cles
I got that wrong, I thought the ascent they are on is the final hill 6 km from Cles. I didnt know there are still 14 kilometers to go.