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40th Giro del Trentino 19.04 - 22.04

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One of the best stage races this season.

Landa totally deserved this win, withstanding every attack from left and right. I also cannot help but feel that Kangert got the most out of this race.He was dropped almost every stage and yet he found a way to end up with 2 stage wins and a 2nd place in GC. People who claim Fuglsang should have done more in the sprint clearly needs to rewatch it. Pirazzi stopped riding and therefore set Fuglsang back in the sprint.

maltiv said:
Landa almost lost the race by chasing down that break with Pirazzi and Peraud for no reason. Big tactical mistake!

Having them in front, taking the bonus seconds, would've been the perfect scenario for him.

I'm pretty sure he was trying to slow it down. It didn't look like he wanted to catch them IMO.
Re: Re:

TMP402 said:
HelloDolly said:
I also think from reading between the lines Poels will leave SKY (if he can as so many riders on the market) at end of the year

Who to, though?

Not sure but guess he is frustrated with lack of Giro leadership and just a feeling

Maybe Trek....they need riders big time and also there is GIANT , OGE ...BMC as they have Giro leadership on offer ...with both Porte & TJ riding the Tour