42nd Vuelta a Burgos (2.PRO) // July 28th - August 1st 2020

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Yeah, totally. Normally also Großschartner is not nearly as early dropped on a finish like this as he was today.
I'm not the biggest Grossschartner fan, and i don't rate him as an elite climber, but i also expected him to do a lot better. It looks like a lot of guys suffered in the crosswinds. Not just the young guys i mentioned (Hailemichael, Valter, Bagioli...) but also Soler, Gaudu, Majka, Grossschartner and plenty of others.
Not sure what to make of today given a lot of guys probably had some uneven training during COVID, both in terms of how much they got, and how to time the peak. Not everyone was going to get it right.. Some guys found a training groove that really worked for them and some haven’t.

Is Evenepoel really going to be this strong through October? He’s been flying in both the early spring and apparently now. It’ll be interesting to watch.
Re Majka, it looks like BORA invested too much into the crosswind situation. Majka, Großschartner, Kämna all were in the first echelon riding really hard. It looked like Bennett and Evenepoel for example were quite well sheltered compared to them. Could also be a reason for the slightly sub-par performance of Carapaz.
I think Carapaz did extremely well given circumstances. I know he particularly was hit hard by this corona thing, and it was more of a mental battle, rather than a physical one.
But I guess, making the race hard before the final climb (if there is the chance to do so) will be a viable tactic for Evenepoel's teams in the future. He seems to be affected comparably little.
The Froome Unipuerto classic.

These typically have huge gaps because fresh domestiques can hit the false flats at speeds above threshold for anyone but the best making sure they break like nothing else.