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52nd Amstel Gold Race - April 16 - 261km

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Mar 14, 2009
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Stupid motorbikes are ruining these races. Pretty much in face of the front group the last 30km. What a disgrace and joke these races are turning into. Valverde and GVA were closing the gap and were about 10sec away when the motorbike got in front of Gilbert and dragged them to 30sec within a minute.
Actually, even the white car was in front of them for a good portion of the race.
WOW :surprised: When was the last time we had a truly exciting AGR? :surprised:

This edition with the new final turned out to be really exciting and entertaining all together!!! Hats off to Gilbert & Kwiat - and Henao whose attack initiated the leading group with the winners. great race :)
Re: Re:

GuyIncognito said:
Zinoviev Letter said:
Your memory is incorrect. In replying to one of those little rider questionnaires, he described Franco as the person he admired most. It was not an interview and it was not ambiguous.

You're not talking about the same thing.
Don't assume he's only ever spoken to one media outlet in his life.

So you are saying that he talked up Franco twice. I'll certainly believe you, but it only adds weight to the view that he is a sincere fascist and not just an idiot who said something extremely stupid once.
Re: Re:

El Pistolero said:
Hugo Koblet said:
El Pistolero said:
I don't understand Gilbert's tactics. Does he really think he can beat Kwiatkowski in a sprint?

I only said that because I didn't want to jinx Gilbert. I'm superstitious like that lol.

I said the same during his solo in the Ronde van Vlaanderen.
I think there are worse things than being wrong with comments like that, right? ;) :D