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6th Dwars door Vlaanderen - A travers la Flandre WE (1.Pro): 29/3

Apparently people want separate threads for corresponding men's and women's races...

Startlist for Dwars door Vlaanderen - A travers la Flandre WE 2023 (procyclingstats.com)

Waregem › Waregem (114.9km)



See men's thread for finale profile.


Other climbs - see men's thread for those: Berg Ten Houte, Kanarieberg, Knokteberg - Trieu, Hotond, Ladeuze, Nokereberg, and Nokere.
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Why would it be a surprise that people want different threads for different races?

I'm split on this. The women's race threads are usually not really deserving, there is hardly any talk. On the other hand I often want to make one or two remarks on the race. It really depends on the time of the races for me, how much they are overlapping.
That it's two different, completely unrelated topics?

I wouldn't call two races with the same name, and on pretty much the same roads, completely unrelated.

I have found it very confusing and therefor annoying at times when you had to pay attention at every post what they talking about.

We could always colour-code races. Coz, err... that worked well.

Anyway: OI! @Red Rick! Get to work.
It'll be interesting to see how the riders who are returning from altitude (CUL, Lippert, Mackaij, Vollering and possible others) will get on in ther first race in a while. Longo Borghini is also back after having had Covid, and Moolman-Pasio has returned from South Africa (but that might have been a few weeks ago). AGI-SQS also have a strong team around Ash, with both Ghekiere and Wollaston as other options.

SD Worx are of course the favourites, as they often are when AVV isn't racing, but they'll have to ride aggressively cause they don't have the best sprinters. The weather doesn't seem to be too bad, so there should be less crashes (knock on wood) than in GW (it may also helpt that Wiebes isn't riding).
Which is why there should be a dedicated female sub-forum.

Or, we could make dedicated women's threads - whether for races or riders - in the appropriate sub-fora.
In cases like this, with two races that are essentially the same - same name, (almost) the same route - and with some overlap in coverage - thus some overlap in viewing - I just think it gets confusing having to keep track of two threads.