85th/24th La Flèche Wallonne, April 21st, 2021

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Who will cross the finish line first according to the commissaires and the photo finish camera?

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Reminded me a little of 2010 when Contador went too early and Evans finished over the top of him. Valverde is going to have some record when he eventually retires. Woods up there as usual but no cigar. The winner was just too strong and rode the hill smarter than Roglic.
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Roglic went very hard but Ala timed his attack perfectly and outplayed the surprised Slovenian at the end. Congrats! Too bad UAE didn't start, f*ck these ambiguous COVID tests. I think Pogacar would've been up there with top2 (not sure about Hirschi) but winning against Ala would have been very difficult.
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Alaphilippe was one of the two strongest on the day and was perfect strategically, and, in the end, the best rider on the day. Roglic was one of the two strongest on the day (maybe the strongest) and played a gambit that would have worked if Alaphilippe hadn't been so surprisingly strong--probably Ala's best form of the season so far. Sometimes you play your cards and it doesn't work. I still think Roglic may have won if he had waited a little longer. Just an opinion. --Surely, there are more informed appraisals than mine. . . . Mr. Horner will likely have a video ready shortly. :grin: