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A how-to guide: finding Cyclingnews archived MTB coverage

Mar 2, 2009
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Hello loyal MTB readers,

I sometimes get the question, "how do I find your coverage for mountain bike race XX" once it's off the homepage or mtb homepage?

Don't worry the coverage hasn't gone anywhere. We don't get rid of anything!

Since June 2009

If you want to find races since we switched to the new site (mid-June 2009 and after), go to our calendar link (purple bar near the top of CN site or link to http://www.cyclingnews.com/races/calendar/).

To make your life easier, you can filter by discipline and only show mountain bike events. Then scroll down to when your race occurred and click on the link. Or type control key plus letter "F" to switch to your brower's find functionality. Type in a key word. (For example - "Bromont" for Bromont World cup - you may have to hit next a few times if the venue hosted more than one event on the calendar).

Before mid-June 2009

If you are looking for race coverage from before mid-June 2009, visit our "Full archive" link (also on purple bar next to calendar) on main CN page. Go to MTB at top of that page, and you will get to http://autobus.cyclingnews.com/mtb/. Select which year's calendar you need (look in the upper right) and apply the same scroll down and/or control F steps as above.

Hope this helps!

Sue George
MTB Editor