Advice on bike lights and gloves (that I can buy online in UK)

Dec 7, 2020
Hi all

Recently bought a new bike and took it out yesterday. Was really thrilled with it. So thrilled that I forgot that the dark was coming in and in the end I had to cycle some of the way home in the dusk. My fault only that I left myself in this position WITHOUT lights therefore, I cannot be in this position again. So, without further ado I am after advice from you guys for some really good, bright Bike lights. Yes, I know I can go online but when I type 'buy bike lights' into Google there are millions of hits. To make things worse they also cell bike lights in Poundland which I assume are rubbish. So, please can you guys help a newbie get his hands on some very good quality, very bright Bike lights please? Also, yesterday my hands nearly froze off. Is there such a think as good quality full fingered, really warm Bike Gloves? Preference would be if I could buy them on Amazon prime in adavnce of my next ride this weekend.

Thanks in advance all.
Gloves is tricky. If you want warm hands then mittens are really the way to go, but it can then be a faff to operate brakes and gears. I've got some dexshell gloves which are about the best I've found in terms of comfort, durability and dexterity. If it's too cold for them I use Bar Mitts. Dexshell gloves are here:

Bar Mitts are essentially a neoprene shield/pouch. They keep your hands dry and break the wind. I've ridden in sub zero temperatures while only wearing thing gloves in these and been fine. They do restrict hand movement a bit, but you get used to them very quickly. Amazon has something that looks essentially the same, but I can't vouch for the quality:

Lights very much depends on if you need something that lets you see the road, or if you need something that means you can be seen. Cateye, Lezyne, Moon, Exposure etc. all do decent sets of lights at different prices. A local bike shop should be able to sort you out no problem.
Can't beat Nite Rider's Lumina (I use the 1200 model, waiting the ending of the chaos caused from the pandemic/brexit to buy a 2nd one) if you want to see and be seen. Also unbeatable price!
Jan 14, 2021
For warmer riders, you should invest in perforated gloves or textile gloves. These two kinds of gloves work well in warmer weather. To look for certain brands is to check out Alpinestars gloves or Joe Rocket gloves.
For a light, I'd suggest one of these:

"STVZO" is German regulations, which say that the light has to go on the road, and not into the eyes of oncoming cyclists or drivers.
A further benefit is that, since half the light isn't going up in the air, you get either double the run time, or double the brightness, as compared with a similar light that's got a simple torch beam.

For a rear light, I prefer one that's got a reasonably large lit area, rather than being just a single bright LED.
I use the Moon Nebula, but there are also very similar copies available from Planet-X (Dogstar), Tredz (Ryder) or Aldi (occasionally)

I sorted out gloves by teaching myself not to mind that my hands are a bit cold, so now it's no gloves down to about zero.
I don't suppose you'll follow suit, but it is possible.
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