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Teams & Riders Alberto Contador Discussion Thread

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I'm reviving this thread for a very important discussion!

Over in the Best One Week Stage Racers of the 21st Century someone mentioned that Contador might have had better palmares if he'd been Dutch or Belgian, and then this happened:

So, my question is; what would his name have been in other languages? I'm guessing he'd have been Albert Bogholder in Danish.
Alberto Alberti, if you get that reference.
As aggressive a rider as I've ever seen :) And I've been following this sport for 60 odd years. Was watching the 2012 Vuelta on no cycling days in the last 2 weeks and he Attacked just about Every Day! A Never give up kind of rider. My 2nd fav after Il Pirata :)

As a Cadel fan Alberto was my nemesis but I totally agree with your comment. When Cadel finally won the Tour in 2011 Alberto was still as aggressive as ever and never gave up. After his troubles with Giro fatigue and early race crashes he still lit the race up on stages 16, 17 and 19 then came 3rd in the stage 20 TT. For a few moments on stage 19 to the Alpe it looked like he might even do the impossible and take yellow!

Contador never died wondering. If he could attack he did. Its also a measure of his greatness that there is still frequent posts here even though he retired after the 2017 Vuelta.
I didn't even recognize him with glasses. Also it seem both the can Basso have the same model of glasses.