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Alejandro Valverde Discussion Thread

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Call me a hopeless dreamer for reviving this thread, but since Froome and Contador are getting a lot of discussion in advance of the Critérium du Dauphiné it seems only fair to me that Alejandro get some love (or whatever) in advance of the Tour de Suisse. I sincerely hope he's in the mix come July, but I'm interested in what wiser heads than mine have to say about that.

I'm also interested in what rabid fanboys and unashamed nationalists have to say about it. :D
Aug 16, 2011
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BigMac said:
How come the greated cyclist off all time has so many few posts in his Official Thread!

Because this thread was created to have a thread on him with the proper title. There have been other threads on him, like the comeback thread for him.
Just looked at the profiles for the first time. Definitely mountainous. That's gonna make things harder for Wiggo - Even the tt's are hilly which will give the climbers an advantage. I'm thinking Valverde, Kreuziger, Costa, and Wiggins (In that order) will be the one's to watch...assuming they all come with some amount of good form.