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Amateur Doping

Anyone who has raced Masters knows there are some *really* fast guys out there, ones with income to buy the good stuff, ones who are physicians, etc. Now a lot of this has to be people who have been riding for twenty years, been living the "lifestyle" the whole time, and know how to train; but you have to wonder about some people. The ones that I have known that are definitely doping are using steroids, mostly I think for cosmetic reasons.

What are people's experience with amateurs doping?
masters doping

for sure guys do it. i raced in the "elite" masters races in the 80's and 90's
and there were guys who were "aliens" if you get my drift. i trained hard, ate right, but they were always at another level. it took me awhile to figure out they might be doping. i thought "hey we are just masters racing for fun and pain." not these guys. i won't name any names, but it does get you angry, these many years later.
Mar 19, 2009
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Not less than a few of them.

You can find out who.... Follow local TT results weekly. A 20 K TT or a 25 K.

cat 1/2 Riders who are clean and well aero'd out always come very close to their previous times all season long ( within 20 seconds). Watch to see if anybody drops 1-2 minutes! Their doped for sure if they drop that much time.