Amstel Gold finish line change

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They indeed changed the course.

Removed the first 18km and added an 18km lap after they passed the finish line with the following climbs Geulhemmerberg-Bemelerberg-Cauberg -> 2k finish.

Not sure, but I think these aren't the hardest climbs. I'd rather had the keutenberg amond them just like theyoungest said.
Not sure if it will change much, but if they still have the ordinary run up to the Cauberg like they used to have we should get a very long series of climbs starting at about 40km from the finish.

Somehow I'm afraid this will close the race even more. I guess we'll see, it's good they changed the race though.
Jul 19, 2011
rghysens said:
Johan Museeuw.
Actually I'd give to Van Petegem since he did actually feature on the Cauberg finishes. A long way back either way and in Museeuw's case he was only really competitive before the finish moved to Cauberg, pre-2003. I guess Wesemann did well in both too but I mean there are very few.
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