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Amstel is Gold, Jerry, Gold! Men's Classic One-Day Race, April 14, 2024

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Who will win Amstel Gold (Men) 2024?

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Honest question. Why they don't bring back the world cup and his jersey? It was fantastic!! The winner should get a big prize due to being the best classicomano in the season.
I would included these races (different scoring system. Monuments would value 1.5 more)
E3 Harelbeke
San Sebastian

My brain didn't include Paris Tours but heart says yes...
There is a one-day ranking. Not only those races, but weighting of races is such that the top of the table probably wouldn't be different. The leader already has a jersey.
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Very true, but Bemelerberg is the most insignificant, miserable excuse for a climb even within the limitations provided by the Netherlands. Keutenberg forever!
Why I understand you saying that, I saw a replay of Gilbert's 2017 win earlier this week (yeah I guess I have too much time on my hands) and he and Kwiatkowski rode away from the group on the final ascent of the Bemelerberg (even the commentators were somewhat surprised at the time, although they mentioned the attrition of it being the 35th climb) :).

So although rarely, it sometimes contributes to the race.. #funfact
80km solo with 4 minutes on the 2nd?
He's still 20km short of Teddy, for longest solo this season...he's having to add in new challenges, because just winning is soooo 2019. So 82km solo. Book it!

EDIT: I wish Teddy was riding, because I can totally see them talking at the start, and going on a 2 man break from KM 0, just to f**k with everybody.
But the route is great now. I don't think it makes much sense to criticise the Bemelerberg. Do you think the Cauberg finish was better?
I preferred the Cauberg finish before they added the miserable 2012 Worlds loop. That loop was improved by the addition of Geulhemmerweg but the long gap from there to re-climbing Cauberg (because Bemelerberg is such a nothing) really hurt the viability of escapes. The current men's route which doesn't re-do the Cauberg at the finish is absolutely fine - but the version with the added loop including Bemelerberg before returning to Cauberg was just dreadful, removing all relevancy for all of the other climbs in the route because the stretch from Geulhemmerweg to Bemelerberg was such a nothingburger, adding distance which both added no viable action, and moved the other climbs with viable action further from the finish.

The women still have the crappy version of the finish where the Bemelerberg neuters the race and encourages a final Cauberg shootout, though, and that needs fixing. If they want to insist on a Cauberg finish for the women, the 2012 loop needs removing to stop it being a less interesting Flèche, and the Bemelerberg can be consigned to the opening part of the race, long forgotten by the time the race is in its key moments, which is where it belongs in a Cauberg finale scenario.

Unfortunately, the women's race route is essentially a token nod to the good climbs of the area like Keutenberg, Eyserbosweg and Kruisberg, and then a load of laps of the 2012 circuit where Cauberg is the only area that ever generates or incentivises action.
I preferred the Cauberg finish

While I never saw any of the editions ending in Maastricht, I definitely think the current finish is much, much better than the old hilltop finish. Together with Ans and the evolution of Flèche to a mere punch-out, it has meant that the hilly classics have greatly suffered this century thus far.
The 58th edition of the Amstel Gold Race will be run on Sunday April 14. With narrow roads, dozens of hills and constant twisting and turning the race opens a trilogy of three Ardennes Classics. Founded in 1966, the Amstel Gold Race is the only Classic in the Netherlands.

Date: April 14th, 2024
Start: Maastricht
Finish: Valkenburg
Distance: 255.2 km

Streaming Info:
US: FloBikes - https://www.flobikes.com/events/11452333-2024-amstel-gold
Other: TBD, will update. Pls msg me if you have updates. Thanks!





Who ya got?
MVDP, Remco, Ayuso, Pidcock, Skjelmose, Teuns, Matthews, Cortina...Vino?

@Armchair cyclist pls sticky when appropriate. Thanks!
Please add "Who to win"-voting function for top 10 contenders