Android cycling game

Jul 1, 2013
Hi to every body.

I have just finished a cycling game on android : "Cycling Spirit"

The game is free and even ad-free :)

As a retired amateur cyclist competitor in France, I did this game with the objective to recreate the "ambiance" of the peloton.

So the game is not about finger speed or about management, but just tactics and energy handling.
Each game depicts the last 2 or 3 km of a race, so each game lasts only a few minutes.

There are
5 tutorials ( I encourage you to follow them)
4 quick races (fantasy ones, experts will recognize some names).

I will soon release a version in which I will re-create the Tour de France scenario of each stage, with a daily update-basis (coming soon), and later, all classics.

I hope you will enjoy it, and feel free to send me any remarks.

PS : I still need some IA work (jerking problems). But the IA is already capable to draft and relay in a pack.

Hope you'll enjoy :)
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