Andy Schleck and dope

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Apr 20, 2012
blackcat said:
= too much cortisone/anti-inflammatories/corticosteroids/corticoids
Good call. I recall some wonderyears in the eighties based on this cocktailllllll....

And, suddenly out for a season or two. Or three. Good thing Giovanni Grazzi helped the poor Irishman.

So long Andy, you rode with style! Too bad for your whining about dangeraous descents.
Feb 15, 2011
I Love To Dope said:
It's a shame that the loss of Andy left us with "anyone but Froome" instead of rooting for one of the others with dirty pasts and unsavory connections.

You are claiming Schleck has a less dirty past than the other GC riders!?!?!
Aug 31, 2012
Bernie's eyesore said:
They have a fair point. Gatlin has been banned twice and is now running faster than ever at the age of 32. Chambers has been banned once and has been nowhere near as good post ban as he was pre ban. Clearly though you feel the need to defend Gatlin though so it's easy where your loyalties lie when it comes to dopers.
I don't defending Gatlin (except insofar as he is the poster boy target of a hypocritical attack). I'm criticizing the inane thinking that negative tests mean someone's clean, except when that person was caught in the past. For that person, the very same tests apparently don't mean anything.

Gatlin is passing the tests. Either that's very difficult doped, in which case don't allow speculation he's doping as with other athletes, or that's not every difficult doped, in which case allow speculation they're doping for everyone passing them.
SeriousSam said:
Gatlin is passing the tests.
He could be stacking up suspicious tests and/or positive tests and the IAAF is doing nothing with them.

There is no rule that says the anti-doping authority *must* open a case on a positive.

This is why I advocate for NADOs being given the authority to open cases. The current system protects favored athletes regardless of sport and even the IOC during the Olympic events.


I wonder if Schleck will get the whole Menchov treatment. Daddy Schleck has a long history with the UCI.
May 26, 2010
DirtyWorks said:


I wonder if Schleck will get the whole Menchov treatment. Daddy Schleck has a long history with the UCI.
Wonder does Daddy Schleck have much pull in the financial/political side of Luxembourg where many in the sport might have 'offshore' accounts.....:rolleyes: