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Mar 18, 2009
Le breton said:
And you made several mistakes

Mean Maximal 20-minute power = 423w
incompatible with this here :

On the Telegraphe climb, Flecha averaged 426 watts for 33 minutes which is right at his FTP and he averaged 438 watts in the last seven minutes when Contador caught the breakaway group.

I didn't write that, Hunter did. Moreover, I didn't refer to Flecha's 20 (or 33) min power on Telegraphe, but his 5 min power at the base of Galiber. Finally, even if I had done so the difference between 423 W and 426 W is inconsequential when converting to W/kg expressed to only two significant digits. I therefore don't understand your comment.
Le breton said:
At the time I took a 66 kg cyclist + 9kg, for a total of 75 kg.

CdA = 0.38 m^2, air density = 1.1 and rolling resistance = 0.004

A CONSTANT 430 watts at the back wheel, ie about 440 watts at the crank ( 6.67 watts/kg). I had picked that value thinking of Iban Mayo and his infamous TT Mt Ventoux climb in the 2004 Dauphiné

Then I asked about

VAM variation according to the steepness of the climb?

Answer from analyticcycling:

-- -----
6 1590 meters/hr
7 1696
8 1777
9 1837
10 1883
11 1917
12 1948
15 1998

My conclusion, of course is the same as yours

VAM is really a crude estimator of efforts on climbs of different steepnesses as for the same given power the VAM drops from 1883 m/hr on a 10% incline to 1590 m/hr on a 6% slope, a difference of more than 15%.

So considering that I never used VAM, I was intrigued by the fact that you picked me for your attack on VAM (or on you guys who use VAM.
We are still waiting for Ferrari's answers to what methodology he used on his VAM calculations to Mt. Etna. Nobody on this forum could figure it out. Somehow he came close to the calculations that we made on this forum. Of course we had to correct for wind conditions, temperature, and position. With the VAM I don't know how he did that.
Jul 8, 2009
Cycle Chic said:
The two experts also worry about the "big problem of steroids", "liberalized" by WADA. Since the beginning of the year, athletes no longer need to present a "Declaration of Use" for this substance, the detection threshold has in addition been identified, making it virtually impossible to positive control. ». In addition to its effects painkillers and stimulants, this product would also provide, according to Dr. Megret, the "additional physiological capacities." It would also potentiate the effects of EPO, and thus reduce the doses of erythropoietin, making it undetectable.

But steroids also have health risks - increase water retention and blood pressure. They are often managed with diuretics, which have the opposite effect. This may explain the positive control of Alexander Kolobnev, or one of four swimmers from Brazil.

I don't understand what is beeing said here. Has all steroids been removed from the doping list? or is it a specific drug?
May 11, 2009
function said:
The people who know, know, the rest is inexperienced posturing on the internet.
I can pretty much guaranty that I was much more accomplished a rider than your friend and I can't say that Vayer is obviously wrong. It also jives with what Lemond has said. Not to say that lemond is the gospel but he would be "the one" to know.

On that note, a few weeks ago i read a link someone posted here to Steve Tilford's blog article "there was only one", and I can't get it out of my head. Even if you're old enough to remember Lemond's best days as a racer -- I'll go ahead and just say that you cannot imagine how good he was - always.
In "Not Normal", Vayer explains the formula, the reasoning looks sound. It correlates with W/Kg and is based on climbs of 45 minutes or more. It's a very interesting study. Now we can discuss why 410W and not 420W or 430W (or 390W), but let's not dismiss it altogether before reading the material. It's a good read. If it wasn't making some sort of sense, Vayer would not have gained so much exposure and been so vindicated. He would just have been ignored.
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