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Anybody use Panaracer EVO 3 tires?

I just picked up 4 of these. At $25 each, I figured they were worth a try. They seem very sticky, even to the point of picking up small stones and flinging them at my frame! :eek: But after a few miles, all that stopped and they seem fine now.

Since I recently returned from a near 20-year hiatus from cycling, I'm not too familiar with what's out there in a comfortable and some what light 700x23 training tire. I was using Bontreger Race X Lite AC (they came on the bike), which I felt pretty good about. But I'm just looking for some feedback on the EVO 3s. If I find that these have proven to be real lemons, as far as reliability, I might just return the other two tires. Thanks!
Mar 13, 2009
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I can't offer anything but You just brought back memories for me.
The original Panaracer was THE tyre in the early 90's, by far the best clincher you could get.
I also had one of those breaks you are talking about (not quite as long) so I remember when that name was worth something, but I cannot say about today