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Anyone seen the Devil?

Feb 27, 2010
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He was very bad positioned in this Giro. Usually at the bottom of the climb. At TT on Plan de Coronos he was before first time check.

I bet he will say he had a back injury, fever or strained trident but he didn't like to make excuses.
brianf7 said:
I saw him in Italy several times and in Califonia so he gets around quick or he has a brother or brother in law.

The test would be to see if he could still do an awesome vertical jump. Someone here would have a photo of one of these jumps. Impressive for a heavily build middle aged man. Hope he gets a bit of sponsorship and sticks around; a bit of a GT icon.
Beech Mtn said:
He was very briefly shown on TV during one of the Giro mountain stages last week. Sorry, can't remember which stage.

Yep, I saw him then too. I think it must have been the Gavia stage, as that was the only stage I saw of the last week.

I was surprised he's still alive.

As for his jump - HGH. No doubt.