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Oct 16, 2020
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Not sure if it's Juraj or Peter? Can't tell Stybar from Lampaert? Who's That Rider has the solution! Fast rider identification by start number. Simply type the start number of a rider, and find out who it is.

I've developed this small site as a hobby project, and I thought some of you here might find it useful. It's just been updated for the Tour de France with some more data. It's also a progressive web app, so you can save it to your device and use it as if it were a 'regular' app.

Thanks to the guys from FirstCycling.com, I got access to some more data and I expanded the app a bit. You can now check the GC standings and also see the GC rank of the rider you selected.

If you have any feedback, or suggestions for additional features, let me know!