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  1. V

    GC Power Ranking

    I doubt this will work, but this is my effort to consolidate discussion about relative strength and ranking of GC riders so that it doesn’t take over the Remco thread then move to the Vingegaard thread then pop into Roglic, etc. This is about stage races, not classics. Obviously, this will be a...
  2. Jumbo Visma Fan :)

    Tour de France 2023 Tour de France rest day 1 poll-Who will win the GC?

    Who will win the 2023 Tour de France?
  3. C

    Question Formula for KOM-Categories in Grand Tours

    Hey people, I would like to ask how the three Grand Tours decide, which Kom-category they assign to their ascents? At the tour I might have found the border at 1000m and 500m altitude gain with serious climbing percentages between HC, cat 1 and cat 2. Whereas the Giro sometimes doesn't give...
  4. App to quickly identify riders by start number

    Not sure if it's Juraj or Peter? Can't tell Stybar from Lampaert? Who's That Rider has the solution! Fast rider identification by start number. Simply type the start number of a rider, and find out who it is. I've developed this small site as a hobby project, and I thought some of you here...
  5. stephanj3

    Total Vertical Ascent on each stage of the Tour De France 2021

    Hi all, Where can one find the total vertical ascent metres of each stage of the Tour De France 2021. I am NOT interested how long each stage is. I would like to know how many metres the riders climb each day. I would have thought the official Tour De France website would stipulate this...
  6. M

    Question TdF 2020