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becoming a Jackal

Sep 23, 2009
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Wheels Go Round and Round said:
wow........that's right on par with John Denver


I listen to a program called the "South Wind Blows", Sunday night on RTE, he played him towards the end of a really good show, I sat bolt upright from being half asleep, two days later I was standing in front of him at a gig in Camden. He was releasing a record last month mid May, his sister and biggest fan died on or about the 1st. I missed his gig in Shepherds Bush a few weeks back, they wouldn't let me bring the bike in, coming home from a race. He is a dead on dude. I think this one is better. I filmed it in Camden and he asked me if he could use it please, on his Myspace page. Check out James Vincent McMorrow, they are friends and it is possible James is better, but because they are so different, it is academic. McMorrow makes people cry when he plays lives, it is quite devestating.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZrrpKEWo6o&feature=related

Conor J. Obrien