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Best GT Debutant of 2017

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Jspear said:
Gaviria is the most obvious pick imo. Someone already mentioned him, but I'd say Oomen as well. I know he quit cause of sickness, but he was doing really really well. He didn't really have a standout stage, but you could say that was because he was riding for Kelderman. He was just steady and consistent.

That`s actually a great thing...there are some young riders capable of great single stage performances. A young rider that can race 3 weeks on an consistent level is remarkable.
Antwan Tolhoek.Don't know much about this guy but he seems to be a great prospect.
Moscon&Gaviria are looking like seasoned professionals despite being on their first GT,not worth considering :D
Those guys from Manzana Aguirre&Reyes ride a decent Vuelta.
Re: Re:

Leinster said:
Bardamu said:
Didn't Woods ride the Giro before the Vuelta? His Giro performance wasn't that special, was it?
Woods did a good ride at the Giro, got in a lot of breaks and was crucial in Rolland's stage win, as nobody wanted to chase down Rolland and tow Woods with them. But yeah, not nearly as good as Gaviria's Giro, so not really and issue.

Gaviria was definitely the best. You can say Greipel or Ewan was off-form, or maybe they just looked that way because Gaviria was blasting past all the time. Bora's leadout train did a phenomenal job, but Gaviria was able to surf Richeze's wheel and explode off it every time; Bennett is not slow and was in form, but Gaviria was just faster.
Ewan was pretty good at the Giro for the short time he was there, don't forget he was second to Postlberger, Greipel and Gaviria as well as winning a stage. Gaviria took a few stages to get going as well.
Gaviria number one for not just winning stages but being clearly the best sprinter against useful if not top line opposition and honouring the leaders jersey in the hillier stages.

Moscon is blatantly obviously the next pick as 5th in Paris Roubaix and 13th on Angliru from the main peleton while working for the race leader is an insane range of talents. I am a massive Peter Sagan fan but even if he buried himself to get to the top as fast as he can I don't think he could have done a top 15 ride on the Angliru stage.