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Cameron Mason deserves a front row start

To take the title literally, are grid positions strictly by UCI ranking, or at promoters' discretion, or ranking in the competition (World Cup/X2O) or what?
As Axel says, always UCI ranking. All events start grids are based off that which is updated weekly on a Tuesday. The result from the Koppenberg wouldn't have counted to the gridding for yesterday however cx24 do a 'live' ranking which shows him as 23rd. This would still put him on the third row for events even without Van Aert, Van der Poel, Pidcock, Curtis White and Marek Konwa who haven't started anything Mason has started this year.
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His starts are awful atm. Yesterday he just got swallowed up immediately, painful to watch - surely be must be working on it as a matter of urgency? If he always has to come back from 20th it’s gonna be a long wait for that Elite breakthrough win.
Well, maybe he needs a 50 meter head start, because he went from front row to 30th before the end of the finish straight...horrible start today.
He seems to get stuck in a place where guys are passing him so fast on both sides that he just starts dodging them and forgets all about moving forward. He might as well just start in the 3rd row were he can concentrate on forward progress and not feel so harried.