Can Lance and Bruyneel outrun the global credit crunch ?


Mar 17, 2009
I read that Astana are in trouble financially ? Lance thinks he can turn it around by July. Do you think they could also solve the global credit crisis as well ? Perhaps some form of high cadence bail out package to apply to the markets ? If anyone can do it Lance can. The big corporates need to help Lance out because he shouldn't have to use his own charity to pay cyclists or mechanics.
Mar 18, 2009
He won't get anywhere without the ProTour license - and that's held by the Kazahk Federation. No wonder he keeps demanding they hand it over - his plans for this year are screwed if they don't.

Now Vino's coming back to the team that was built for him. Hmmm, let's see - the Kazakh's hold that license and Bruyneel doesn't. Bet they can find that 2 million for Vino, possibly with some strings attached - after all, Bruyneel and Armstrong have hijacked the team and sidelined all the Kazakh riders. That license is a precious thing...