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Cancellara and the Hour Record

With all the talk on Spartacus and his powers, and comparisons, I think it's the prime moment for Cancellara to go after the Hour Record. He could either take on Ondřej Sosenka's 49.7km distance on a track bike, with the goal of breaking the 50km barrier; or go after Chris Boardman's superhuman 56.375 "best human effort" (aero) that has stood for 13 years now, with no one even daring attempt to challenge it.

One one rider today, or even within the last decade, could beat either, or both records. Fabian Cancellara, and with the way he completely crushed everyone at the Worlds, cruising across the finish line, now's the time for him to do it.
Jun 3, 2009
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I haven't looked up his historical results on lengthier TT's, but I'm assuming he can hold his own for this long. +50km isn't too far-fetched the way he's riding.

has he ever entertained the idea in public? i'm sure it's bounced around in his head a time or two...