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Netserk said:
Another one than the one on his arm?
Yes, photos of the new Sagan body-tattoo can be seen online already, on various websites
It's a self-portrait of Peter Sagan, as split-personality: "The Joker / Jesus Christ"
Since this thread was about Cancellara, I'll leave the description of Peter's artwork at that now
Jul 5, 2009
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ClassicomanoLuigi said:
hrotha said:
This is the dumbest thing that has happened in pro cycling in a long while, and that says a lot.
Sagan's body tattoo was pretty bad.
But yeah, there is not much dignity remaining in this.
Gaimon's freak-show personality is insufferable, I don't think I could deal with having someone like that as a teammate
Sagan's tattoo? Huh.

ohhhhh - I shouldn't have Googled that...

Yeah, the Gaimon/Cancellara thing is really childish. As in playground level dumb. As far as cycling and dignity go, I still have flashbacks of Rock Racing rolling up to the start line. Nothing says class like paying women to dress in tight jeans, heels and dark shades to stand around a bunch of cyclists.

John Swanson